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Best Nic salt Juice Brands and Flavours

Best Nic salt Juice Brands and Flavours

  • by Parminder singh

Nic salts are found in the tobacco leaves, and these are used effectively instead of traditional freebase nicotine to attain a better vaping experience and hit.

If E-Liquid seems to be harsh for you or leaves you with a scratchy throat, then these can be a good idea as these deliver the right experience minus the harshness. It makes them a good idea for ex-smokers as these resemble the smoking experience and delivers the best results. So, if you have just given up smoking, this can be a good idea.

Nicotine salts are a great way to attain nicotine. Since these use compounds like benzoic acid increase the alkalinity, you get a far better and smoother experience.

Why investing in the Best Nic salt Juice Brands and Flavours is important?

By having a higher strength, you get satisfaction and release. It happens quickly and easily without getting a huge amount of throat hits associated with high nicotine vaping.

Although cheaper variants of nicotine salts are available in the market, choosing the same may influence your outcomes.

  1. Dinner Lady

After releasing their first E-Liquids in 2016, dinner Lady continues to grow leap and bounds. Their nicotine salts have been working as an extension to their existing market of E-Liquids. With the different mix ratios of the shortfill range, these nicotine salts have 50 VG/ 50 PG to give the best performance.

  1. Dozzy vape co

 Another famous brand is Dozzy vape co that came into existence in 2018. With many flavours and choices, you get a large number offlavours for people with different tastes - desserts, fruits, classic tobacco, etc.

  1. Wick Liquor

 Wick Liquor is another brand that offers boutique solutions, E-Liquids, etc. The nicotine salts are created in Staffordshire are also the salt version of their top-selling flavours. What's more, you can buy these in shortfill form.

  1. Double drip

Double drip is the brand that has released the best versions of nicotine salts in the past few years. You can use their popular shortfillflavours as nicotine salts with an updated ratio and attain the best performance from your nicotine levels.

  1. Got salts

Got salts is a nicotine salt juice lone that comes from a long line of premium E-Liquids like Just Jam. As a result, you get access to the best results for your investments.

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