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Broadly speaking vape tanks or clearomizers fall into three categories, mouth to lung (MTL), sub-ohm and Rebuildables (RDAs, RTAs). With Tobacco Products Directive (TPD Compliance) 2016, vape tanks are limited to a maximum size of 2ml.

For those switching from tobacco to vaping we recommend MTL TANKS such as the One Kit vape tank as these vape tanks mimic the inhaling action of smoking. Therefore, you are more likely to switch to vaping and quit smoking all together with these types of tanks. SUB OHM VAPE TANKS are better for those who have quit smoking and are vaping for flavour or vapour. Rebuildable tanks allow you to customise your vaping experience with rebuildable coils and wires.

Our vast array of the best tanks, atomisers and clearomisers available on the market today provide choice for every type of vaper. Whether you're a beginner looking to switch from smoking regular cigarettes and preferring a mouth-lung hit; or a hobby vaper who wants to build your own.

Certain tanks focus on delivering flavour; others specialise in producing great plumes of vapour; some are simply easy to use. Whatever your preference, we will have the right tank for you.

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