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3 Ways to Choose the Perfect E-Liquid for You

3 Ways to Choose the Perfect E-Liquid for You

  • by Amandeep Malhotra

The world of e-liquids can be confusing at first, especially if you’re new to vaping or haven’t had much experience with different varieties of e-liquid. If you’re looking to switch to vaping or make the transition from disposable e-cigarettes to something more customizable, choosing the right e-liquid can make all the difference in whether you stick with it or not. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect e-liquid for you!

 1) Why do you vape?

When you first start vaping, it’s easy to get carried away with e-liquid choices. Vaping is all about customization, so there are a million different ways to vape and tons of flavors from which to choose. If you’re new, try sticking with an e-liquid base flavor before adding a more intense additive like menthol or nicotine. The bigger question is why do you vape? Are you looking for something with no calories and none of that nasty tobacco taste? Then opt for a fruit or dessert flavor. Do you want something that feels as close as possible to smoking without all of those nasty additives? Then go with tobacco or menthol flavors.

2) What do you want from an e-liquid?

Are you looking for a vape tank 20 ml that’s nicotine free? A dessert flavor like fruit or vanilla? Or do you prefer a tobacco flavor with traditional menthol notes? Once you figure out what you want from your e-liquid, it’s time to start considering all of your options. Whether it's an eliquid or a new coil, there are so many choices in front of you. But don't worry; we're here to help you make sense of everything and narrow down your selection. We'll give you some recommendations on different brands of vape tanks 20 ml and vapes as well as talking about what questions to ask yourself when deciding between them. Your search for ejuice is finally over!

 3) What are your options (taste, consistency etc.)

There are three main kinds of e-liquid available: 100% vegetable glycerin (VG), 80% VG and 20% propylene glycol (PG) or 50/50. PG is thinner than VG, so it produces more vapor. However, too much PG makes liquid harsh and unpleasant to vape. Vape tanks 20 ml typically contain either a 50/50 mixture or 80% VG, since both work well with most vapes and produce a similar amount of vapor. Ultimately, consistency is going to be more important than flavor when choosing your e-liquid; keep in mind that if you aren’t used to vaping yet you might find that different flavors taste better at different times throughout your day. 

Where can I buy disposable pods?

Not all vape mods are created equal; most fall into one of two categories. Some are designed with refillable tanks (called open systems), while others contain no reusable parts that can only be used with specific manufacturer brand cartridges. Look for models that use standard tank cartridges and allow you to easily swap in new ones when your current e-liquid runs out. Disposable pods have gotten popular recently, but they tend to be larger than standard pods and don’t often fit well in smaller devices, such as closed system vape pens. As a general rule, you should prefer a device that will allow you to easily replace your e-liquid without having to rely on proprietary pods from one specific manufacturer.

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