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IVG Disposable Bar

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The disposable market has exploded in recent months, and IVG has jumped on the bandwagon to bring out their own competitor. The main advantage that the IVG Disposable Bar has over its competitors is its simplicity. This product features an array of "award-winning" Salt Nic flavours. Besides the strong and fast hit associated with salt nic, you also reap the benefits of familiar flavours from their extensive offering of heavy hitters.

The device can hold 2ml of IVG e-liquid with a strength of 20mg, and the battery life is enough for 600 puffs. That is pretty impressive for this kind of device. With the IVG bar, you simply inhale to get it started. It is a Mouth to Lung style vaping device that gives beginners a more pleasant experience than direct to lung devices with hard hits and clouds. Vapers on the go or new users wishing to cut down on smoking can benefit from these disposable devices, which are convenient and easy to carry.

IVG Disposable Bar Features 

  • A pod capacity of 2 ml
  • A salt nicotine strength of 20 mg
  • Mouth to lung (MTL) style vaping
  • Auto draw activation
  • Offers a maximum of puffs
  • Pre-filled and non-rechargeable

With the IVG Bar, you can carry it in your pocket with ease; it is light and portable, and the draw mechanism is flawless. This device is easy to use, sleek, and one of the best disposable devices available at this price point. Shop for IVG disposable bar at YD Vape Store today!

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